What are Presets?

Presets are filters that can be used in Adobe Lightroom. It’s one of the easiest ways to get that ‘wow’ effect on all of your pictures. No matter if you’re into portrait, city or nature photography, we have created all kinds of filters for you to use! It is super easy to use as you only need one click to transform a good picture into an amazing one! Our presets are built from scratch and tested for many months with slight tweaks every now and then to make them perfect on almost any picture.

Why not make them myself?

If you have already experience with editing and you have a good vibe to the way you edit your pictures, then we would highly recommend trying to create some presets on your own! However, this takes a lot of time which you can also put into something else like content creation. Why do it yourself if you can let the program do it for you? For just a small payment you will be enjoying so much spare time when editing your shots and most importanty: they will look amazing!

What we offer

We offer multiple bundles of presets. Each bundle contains at least 4 presets for you to use freely on any picture you like. The bundle has its own category with a matching name to it. Our main bundle is the Reispackers bundel. This bundle contains 4 of our most used presets and work on basically any picture! Do you have a nice sunrise or sunset you want to burst out even more? Then the sunset preset pack might be something for you. We’re aware everyone has their own taste to a picture, so take a good look at the before and after pictures on our website before chosing the right bundle for yourself.

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