Most frequently asked questions


You can fill in your email adress on the front page to recieve our free E-book where we explain in detail how to install the presets.


If you don’t have an email adress you can follow these steps:

Once purchased, you will recieve a .zip folder in which the presets are stored. Simply open the file and extract the images. These images are .dng files, which contain much more information than .jpeg images.

  • Now open your lightroom app and import the .dng pictures.
  • Select the picture and click on the 3 small dots on the right upper side.
  • Select ”create preset” and give it a name you’ll remember (like ”Reispackers 1) and save it.

And that’s it!

For some iPhones it’s required to have the app called ”iZip”. Download this app and you’ll be able to unpack the .zip files.

To unpack the .zip files on a computer you’ll need a program called ”winrar”. Simply download this program and you’ll be able to unpack the zip file.

The presets are made on pictures taken with gear we use. Your gear or camera settings may be much different from what we use. An easy fix to still use the preset is to adjust the exposure to the amount the picture requires.


Currently we accept a broad systems of payments:

  • Apple Pay
  • iDeal
  • Bancontact
  • Paypall
  • Creditcard

If you have any questions regarding your payment or a payment method, feel free to send us an e-mail.


It’s mandatory for us to use our work in our portfolio. We prefer using our most recent works which might include pictures we took from you. Through booking you will give all portrait rights to us. If you prefer certain pictures to not be used for our portfolio then please tell us.

We edit all of the pictures we make in Adobe Lightroom with our own style. We generally don’t retouch bodies and faces as we prefer someone’s natural look. You might end up looking a little more tanned or have some blemishes be lightened down to make it more of a whole.

We have experience with shooting in dark places, so taking pictures at parties at night is no issue for us. We prefer not to use a flashlight, instead, we use a constant light during the making of pictures which will be turned on from time to time. The constant light allows us to give it a more natural light to the scene instead of a hard light a flashlight brings.

There’s no doubt that the pictures will turn out sharp if required. In some circumstances, movement in pictures can even add to the look and feel of the picture. Best is to trust us on this.

The delivery of pictures usually takes about 2 weeks. This time is used to select and edit. As for wedding pictures: the most important moments will be delivered within 24 hours after the wedding.

Not at all! It’s your event with all your friends and family after all. However, we would appreciate phones and other devices to be put away during the ceremony so we don’t end up with lots of electronics being in the shot.


Still have questions?