About Us

“We’re Thomas and Sam, a so called travel couple from the Netherlands. Through our photography we want to show you the most beautiful places on earth”

Our Story


We are Thomas and Sam, a so called ”travel couple” from the Netherlands. Traveling has been playing a bigger part in our lives more and more. Since we always loved to share our travel stories and pictures through Instagram we figured to upgrade our photography skills as well. This was by far the best decision we made. As it turned out, we fell in love with capturing every single moment. Whether we capture our travel story or your personal brand, we try to get the most out of it! We think capturing memories with pictures is one of the most important things to keep in touch with them. Are you also interested to keep your memories stored in a wonderful photoshoot? Or do you want to lift up your personal branding? Don’t hesitate to check out the rest of our website!


Our Presets

On Instagram we get a lot of questions about out presets. We made the presets ourself and put a lot of work in it. We worked on it for more than 1,5 year now and we love that you can spice up your photos now as well.

Core Values

Inspiring people to travel the globe and capture their moments as they see them

Mobile Only

We sell mobile only Lightroom Presets


We would love to do photography for your personal brand, family or product.


We love to travel the world and share our journey with our followers on Instagram.