Presets for Lightroom – Summer Glow


Do you feel like the colors in your picture don’t seem to show the same feeling as you had in real life during a sunset or sunrise? We can totally relate! This is why we created these presets. It brings back that magical glow you experienced while making the shot.

These presets are our favorite ones to use whenever we have a bit of sun in our picture. With just one click, you transform your average sunset or sunrise picture into a banger!


Presets for Lightroom? These 7 Summer Glow Lightroom Presets lights up your pictures and gives a warm tone to them. It requires just one click to teleport yourself into summer!

Are you also tired of waiting for summer? Then wait no longer! With these presets you can give that summer glow instantly on your pictures. No need to be tanning for hours or have that perfect summer light, because these presets will do that for you.

These presets are our favorite ones to use whenever we want some warm tones with some summerglow on our skin. With just one click, you teleport yourself to summer.

What you get:

  • A package of 7 Summer Glow Lightroom Presets (mobile). These presets work best on portraits, but can also be of perfect use for any type of picture. It’s the perfect way to get that summer glow and a perfect tan.
  • A tutorial file on how to install presets on your Lightroom Mobile for free

Can I use these presets with Lightroom Mobile?

These presets are perfect for Lightroom Mobile. When you buy our preset you will also get a tutorial file where you can find how to install the presets in Lightroom Mobile for free.

What are presets?

Presets are photo filters in high quality. Unlike the free Instagram filters, these filters go much more in depth and give a more realistic feeling to your pictures. It gives your pictures a whole other dimension and brings back the colors you experienced. And all that with just one click!

The best thing about presets is that you can use them without any experience. Our presets are made with years of experience and practice. We have tested our presets on multiple kinds of pictures made from mobile and camera before releasing them for you to use.

Less time editing means more time enjoying and living in the moment.  So what are you waiting for? You’re just a few clicks away to transform your pictures to absolute bangers!

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Presets for Lightroom - Summer Glow