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  • india lightroom filters

    These 7 India Lightroom Presets are the perfect filters to make your India trip look even more spectacular than it already is! We have divided them in 7 different presets, each having its unique look and feel to them based on the places we visited. The presets for India are to make the warm colors of India stand out even more and remove the fog you might experience from time to time. We have loved using these presets throughout our journey and we are certain you will love them as well!

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    These 4 Paradise Lightroom Presets are the perfect filters to light up your pictures and give that dreamy look. It’s currently one of our favorite presets to use for our content in Asia. The presets are tested for pictures made with a phone and a camera. The preset contains very soft colors with special effects to create a dreamy look.

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    Do you feel like the colors in your picture don’t seem to show the same feeling as you had in real life during a sunset or sunrise? We can totally relate! This is why we created these presets. It brings back that magical glow you experienced while making the shot.

    These presets are our favorite ones to use whenever we have a bit of sun in our picture. With just one click, you transform your average sunset or sunrise picture into a banger!