HOW TO #1: Get Hotel Collaborations



In this e-book, you will learn how we land hotel collaborations. Over the past years, we’ve tested out all tips and tricks and combined them into this e-book. This e-book will help you to land a hotel collaboration in all sorts of ways.

What you get? 

  • Our e-book with 26 pages of tips for hotel collaborations
  • Our adjustable mediakit to send to hotels
  • Different types of email templates to start directly
  • Personal experiences & mistakes we have made in the past you should avoid
  • Information on how to land paid hotel collaborations

But I have just 1000 followers, can I land a hotel collaboration?

YES! Landing hotel collaborations is not determined how many followers you have, but more so the value you bring. In our e-book we will teach you how to start approaching hotels and what you can bring as value to collaborate even with as less as 1000 followers.

Why should I buy this e-book?

In our e-book you can find our secret tips & experiences on how we land our first hotel collaboration until now. We will also provide you with a mediakit to show off your skills & statistics. You’ve never looked more professional after reading through our e-book! And it even gets better, because we have set up our best performing emails for you to copy. You are basically ready to go with this package!

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HOW TO #1: Get Hotel Collaborations